Thanks to everyone who came out to see LIVE/FEED and Pitch! (or something sexy). We had tremendous response to both projects.
Next season will bring some big plans to fruition, including the premiere of Opal at the Incubator Arts Project and the return of The Attendants.
Opal promises to be our most visceral and layered encounter with text to date. It begins with
a family’s collective memory and explodes with musically dissonant language and sharp-edged
physicality. We’re proud to bring this piece to the Incubator at St. Mark’s Church, former home of Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theatre.
We can’t do this work without you, of course. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to The Nerve Tank via The Field, our fiscal sponsor. Every dollar you send will help fund a vital element, such as a performer’s salary, a rehearsal room, or an equipment rental.
Just click here to make a donation and choose Chance D. Muehleck/The Nerve Tank from
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Or you can write a check payable to The Field and earmarked for The Nerve Tank. Checks should be sent to 261 W22nd St. #12A NYC 10011.
We look forward to seeing you next season.