It is in the relationship to space and time that Nerve Tank really stands out as a company.
— The Brooklyn Rail

”What would you think about a performance that runs continuously for six hours and costs nothing? Well, with the folks at Nerve Tank, you will be in good hands with their production of The Attendants. This unique, afternoon-long interactive performance invites audience members to send text messages from their cell phones to communicate to the performers; the messages appear on two plasma screens surrounding the eight-foot plexiglass cube in which the two actors are encased. The two people move about while recording a conversation about making theater plays. Bypassing traditional theatrical conventions and creating a new dialogue with the viewer, The Attendants marks itself as an important new development in performance, with its questioning of captivity and innovative use of technology.”   --Village Voice

“As LIVE/FEED proves quite ominously, these are certainly interesting times. The ensemble is unanimously excellent, showing the kind of passion and attention to craft that is so crucial to making this type of experimental performance successful... Nerve Tank leverages humor and stunning visual panache to create a textured and timely commentary on today's informational feeding frenzy.”  --L Magazine

Glory Road is a kind of minimalist cyberpunk version of the myth of Sisyphus, and demonstrates the awesome power of theater to conquer you by very slightly aestheticizing a real act of tremendous physical difficulty.”  --Daniel Maidman of the Huffington Post

"The Nerve Tank’s extremely entertaining creation [of The Maiden] is one that commands attention with its out-of-the-box restructuring of a classic Greek text as a visual and auditory brain freeze."  --Exeunt Magazine

A Gathering is a bold, exciting work that pushes and frequently explodes the boundaries of conventional theater.”  --OffOffOnline

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