A three-part performance piece using streamed video and original music to interrogate concepts of authority, personhood, and programmed behavior. Inspired by the plays Woyzeck by Georg Buchner and Kaspar by Peter Handke, the show spotlights the human desire to succeed even under the most impossible and contradictory circumstances.

Adaptor/Director: Melanie S. Armer
Original Material: Chance Muehleck
Composer: Admiral Grey
Lighting Design: John Eckert
Video Design: Joshua Goldberg
Puppet Design: Bizzy Barefoot
Stage Manager: Emily Bonani
Performers: Brandt Adams, Bizzy Barefoot, Stacia French, Karen Grenke, Jason Howard, Robin Kurtz, Mark Lindberg, James "Face" Yu

Presented by The Performance Project @ University Settlement



Persephone takes a dive. Hades drops some knowledge. A contemporary reboot of the abduction myth, The Maiden explores questions of power and showmanship in the context of a trailer park nightclub. Found text, choreographed movement, and live music combine to rip into a kidnapped psyche.

Concept/Text: Chance Muehleck
Direction/Choreography/Scenic Design: Melanie S. Armer
Composer/Sound Design/Lead Chorus: Admiral Grey
Persephone: Robin Kurtz
Hades: Mark William Lindberg
Chorus: James “Face” Yu
Chorus: Brandt Adams
Demeter: Karen Grenke
Lighting Design: Solomon Weisbard
Costume Design: Miodrag Guberinic
Contraption Design: Greg Henderson & Melanie Armer

Produced by La MaMa ETC



Glory Road is a multidisciplinary performance project with integrated media and visual art components. Inspired by the myth of Sisyphus, the piece features a 6 1/2-foot steel sphere that acts as a giant sound puzzle. The performer's task is to solve and re-solve the puzzle in a seemingly endless loop, interrupted by song.

Concept/Lyrics: Chance Muehleck
Director/Scenarist: Melanie S. Armer
Digital Interface Designers: Stephan Moore and Mikhail Mansion
Sound Design/Music: Stephan Moore
Costume Designer: Miodrag Guberinic
Video Designer: Chris Jordan
Performers: Bizzy Barefoot, Amy Crossman, Mateo Ervin, Stacia French, Jenna Hoff, Jason Howard, Robin Kurtz, Mark Lindberg, Taylor Morrison, Amy Stringer, James “Face” Yu
        Sphere Fabrication: Eric Coolidge, with assistance by M. Armer and C. Muehleck
Production Manager: Aislinn Curry
     Production Stage Managers: Karin Carter & Talya Chalef
Apprentice/Asst. Direction: Rebecca Warzer
Sphere fabricated in residence at The Wurks, Providence, RI
Sphere Galvanization: V&S Galvanizing, Taunton, MA

Presented by Arts Brookfield



In fifteen minutes, everyone will be famous. 10% Nation is a multimedia performance about celebrity and pop-culture feedback. The show incorporates immersive design, stylized movement, and video featuring interviews with non-actors talking candidly about their lives.

Concept/Text: Chance Muehleck
Direction/Choreography: Melanie S. Armer
Lighting Design: Joshua Rose
Video Design: Chris Jordan
Sound Consultant: Stephan Moore
Costume Consultant: Miodrag Guberinic
Featuring: Brian Barefoot, Stacia French, Karen Grenke, Irene Hsi, Mark Lindberg, James “Face” Yu

Workshopped at Dixon Place



Opal is an overlapping performance piece for five voices that explores memory and role play in a fractured family dynamic. Archetypes emerge: Mother, Father, Son, Daughter. The show is staged as dissonant chamber music with each speaker representing a distinct physical and vocal instrument.

Concept/Text: Chance Muehleck
Direction/Set Design: Melanie S. Armer
Lighting Design: Carla Linton
Sound Design: Stephan Moore
Costume Design: Deb O
Stage Management: Shelby Taylor Love
Featuring: Brian Barefoot, Stacia French, Karen Grenke, Mark Lindberg, James “Face” Yu

Presented by Incubator Arts Project



The Cold War meets the War on Terror. Bodies meet the floor. LIVE/FEED is a movement theater mash-up that focuses on the actors’ physical relationships with each other and with the performance space. Prompted by an apocryphal quote (“May you live in interesting times”), the project deals with issues of control in a violent and chaotic landscape.

Concept/Text: Chance Muehleck
Direction/Set Design/Choreography: Melanie S. Armer
Sound Design/Original Music: Stephan Moore
Lighting Design: Ryan Metzler
Costume Design: Candida K. Nichols
Assistant Direction/Choreography: Chanda Calentine
Stage Mangement: Jennifer Boehm
Box Office/Asst. Stage Mgmt: Jennifer Caster
Featuring: Stacia French, Karen Grenke, Robin Kurtz, Mark Lindberg, James “Face” Yu

Produced in residence at Brooklyn Lyceum



Inspired by questions of confinement and virtual connectivity, The Attendants upends conventions and engages the viewer in a different way. It creates a dynamic space that encourages audiences to watch in their own ways and on their own time. They use technology to effect change, while the performers respond only with their bodies.

Concept: Chance Muehleck
Direction: Melanie S. Armer
Stage Design: Solomon Weisbard
Sound Design: Stephan Moore
Costumes: Shannon Koger
Stage Management: Annie Arthur
Featuring: Brian Barefoot, Stacia French, Karen Grenke, Irene Hsi, Robin Kurtz, Mark Lindberg, James “Face” Yu

Commissioned by Arts Brookfield



The Nerve Tank explores the Bauhaus, the seminal German school of design that operated from 1919 until 1933, when the Nazi regime shut it down. bauhaus the bauhaus is a fully immersive research and performance experience, where collective action meets mass production to form a stylized dream of progress.

Text: Chance Muehleck
Direction: Melanie S. Armer
Stage Design: Solomon Weisbard
Sound Design: Stephan Moore
Video Design: Shawn X. Duan/Lutz Kessler
Costume Design: Emily Lippolis
Assistant Costume Design: Opeyemi Omojola
Featuring: V. Orion Delwaterman, Stacia French, Karen Grenke, Irene Hsi, Anna Konkle, Robin Kurtz, Kevin Lapin, Sandie Luna, James “Face” Yu



A dark, metaphysical thriller that questions the nature of identity and bodied presence. As three people hide from an unseen threat, narratives break down and language spirals out of control. The piece fuses movement theatre, spoken word, and immersive design to take the audience on a unique and layered journey.

Text: Chance Muehleck
Direction: Melanie S. Armer
Stage Design: Solomon Weisbard
Sound Design: Stephan Moore
Stage Management: Jennifer Caster
Featuring: Brian Barefoot, Craig Dolezel, Stacia French, Jason Howard, Irene Hsi, Kevin Lapin


Site photos by Raymond Haddad, Caryn Waechter, Solomon Weisbard